Our New Titan 75 Link

January 2020

The intention of RUD developing the Titan 75 link was to react to the changed

operating conditions due to the fact of longer driving distances also to celebrate

RUD's 75th year annevisary.


The Titan is designed to have less breakages on the running surface of the

tyre protection chain due to the added material on the side's of the link.

The Titan link has a height off 77mm and is available in 23mm rings. The width of the

link on the contact area has increased by 20% which contributes to the traction and

protection of the tyre protection chain. 


The firts fitment of the Titan 75 tyre protection chain will take place in March 2020.

Swakop Uranium Husab

16th November 2014


A new operation has kicked off between TCS RUD and the new Uranium mine located in Namibia (Swakop Uranium Husab). The mine is owned by the Chinese and partly Amec. They gave TCS RUD the opportunity to work hand in hand to safe cost on tyre purchasing by minimising tyre punctures, sidewall cuts and downtime that may play a role in the production (mining) of Uranium.


Chains was fitted on the Joy Global supplied Letourneau L1850 with a tyre size of 58-80R57. Together working with Otraco (Based on site), whom will be responsible for the maintenance of the chains and the daily checks to assure that the mine benefits from the chains.

Onsite training was given on site regarding servicing of chains and all the safety step (SOP’s) involved with working on tyre Protection Chains.


Chains were fitted by Keith Horn - Marketing Rep for neighbouring Countries and William Mnguni - Chain Expert.

Otraco will be responsible for the service on the chains were TCS RUD will be responsible for the technical side of the chains and to assure that the chains reach their for potential. 

Tire Protection Chains