• This warranty determines the general conditions on which the chains are repaired free of charge or at the seller’s option, replaced by TCS RUD. The warranty does not affect implied warranties, or any other legal claims in respect of other written warranty agreements.


  • Claims under this warranty may only be raised if the observance of all stipulations of the “warning against misuse” is proven. In case of non-observance of the “warning against misuse” this warranty is a void.


  • This warranty does not cover compensation for damage to persons or property.


  • Compensation for damage to property is generally excluded, unless prescribed by law.


  • The warranty expires after a period of 6 months from date of purchase of the chain. The date of purchase has to be proven by means of a sales slip or invoice.


  • Claims under this warranty are subject to the return of the chains together with the required evidence and the sales slip or invoice to the manufacturer, the general importer or the dealer who sold the chains. Claims concerning cross country and tyre protection chains must be accompanied by an exact description of the damage and it's causes and sent to TCS RUD, or the general importer within one week of occurrence of the damage.


  • The warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear.


  • In case claims under this warranty are raised, TCS RUD reserves the right to determine the necessary measures for achieving the warranty. This particularly refers to the way repairs are carried out and parts are replaced.                                                                  




  • The buyer’s legal claim to the manufacturer concerning cancellation of the purchase contract, reduction of the purchase price or compensation deliveries remains untouched.


  • We guarantee the use of specially tested steel according to works analysis, expert manufacture, perfect surface hardness and excellent fit. For this warranty please refer to our warranty conditions.


  • Tyre protection chains: our warranty covers 1000 operating hours or a maximum of 6 months and includes the replacement of all faulty parts (with the exception of wear, thermal and other environmental influences) free of charge. Every shipment of TCS RUD tyre protection chains includes a sufficient number of spares. Additional spares would have to be charged.

Tire Protection Chains